About Cronite


This is the preliminary version of the project Cronite, so, several additional features are being developed mainly to support collaboration and sharing. If you find any bugs or unexpected behavior, please let me know about it.

Cronite was developed in the Python with the Django framework and the DryKiss extension (among several other common extensions).



The project is being developed by José Arturo Cano Software Engineer an owner of Activisual Technologies.



The main objective of the project is to provide tools and tips that actually help the user manage his time in a more efficient way, simple enough for him to become attracted to the system instead of seeing it as an obstacle.



I'm currently looking for investors in the project please contact me if you're interested. The old security titles are not available for sale anymore (for those who knew about them). I'm currently writing a new document of terms to release additional security titles for the project. I'll post it here as soon as it's available.

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Cronite automatically distributes your pending tasks within your work schedule. All you have to do is to specify your working hours and assign a duration to your tasks, and voila!

Cronite estimates the delivery time for each of task, allowing you to easily detect ahead excessive workload and possible delays.

For this reason Cronite is the perfect tool to help you improve your level of compliance with deadlines, not only at work but in every project you undertake with the help of Cronite.

A Cronite future will become a paid service for new users, but if you create your account now you will have unlimited access and free forever! With your help Cronite can help many people as you improve your quality of life. Join Now!